2018 Executive Education Service Pack v1.1.0

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The market for Executive Education is big, diverse and rapidly changing.

How can you therefore structure the labyrinth of providers?

How do you find out which provider is best suited for which offering in your company?

How does a better understanding of the different business models help you strengthen your position and minimize your risk when working with new and existing providers?

In the huge market of speakers, how to find those that are not only experts – but also know how to inspire and make their teachings practically relevant?

All these questions are answered by the Executive Education Service Pack. Read on for details down below and here.



How Executive Education is changing:


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What you get

• A detailed overview of the market of Executive Education

• A detailed analysis of the different providers, their business models and rankings

Arguments for the internal sale of Executive Education Programs

Decision matrices including costs to support you in choosing between the different providers

18 Interviews with clients, Business Schools, training institutes, lecturers, experts and expert organizations

A data base with more than 100 free-lance faculty teaching at the best business schools worldwide

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